best Thanksgiving recipes

There are tons of classic dishes to choose from for Thanksgiving. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best Thanksgiving recipes. Whether you’re looking for a new take on a favorite or whether you’d like to see what others make during the holiday. Here are just a few of many popular recipes.


According to Country Living, the most obvious popular recipe is the roast turkey. This classic poultry dish is fairly simple, though time consuming. One twist you might consider is brining your turkey overnight in order to add some flavor and increase juiciness. If you’re thinking about providing a garnish, opt for something that won’t wilt in the oven. This includes bay leaves, citrus leaves, figs, and kumquats.


Spice up your cranberry recipe by adding some allspice, star anise, and fresh orange juice. Cranberries are typically tart, and fresh ones add an appeal you just can’t get out of the can. While some prefer the gelatinous alternatives to the real thing, fresh cranberries with added spices are great for people looking for an exotic twist.


Finally, try adding bacon to your green beans. Though many prefer the traditional green bean casserole, you might consider changing it up this year. Bacon fat is a great frying component, though you can also add candied bacon to fresh green beans to add a sweet-and-savory taste to your dish.


These are just some of many recipes. Try some twists on these classic recipes to make it a truly memorable Thanksgiving. And share your recipes with us!