DIY Christmas Decorations

Without a doubt, one of the most magical aspects of Christmas and the holiday season is the abundance of Christmas decorations throughout homes, shopping centers, and workplaces. However, the desire to decorate can sometimes be overwhelming on a budget.


Thankfully, there are plenty of DIY Christmas decorations that you can make in your home with limited materials. Here are a few ideas:


  • Explore the many decorations available at your local dollar store, and consider combining them into something great – like a wreath made of artificial plants.


  • Use simple Command hooks to hang garlands all throughout the home – on staircase railings, around doorways, etc. – instead of just around the tree.


  • Make a simple centerpiece with colorful holiday candy, such as peppermints, or any candies you can find with green and red wrappers, in a clear vase.



  • Lastly, get yourself a small set of Christmas bells to hang on the door, ringing in holiday cheer every time someone enters your cozy, holiday home.


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