It’s March, which means the warmer months of the year are on the way – and, thankfully, those cold temperatures and hazardous road conditions that do a number on your vehicle are behind you. However, that doesn’t mean you can slack off. Here’s a quick overview of the spring car maintenance you should be doing.

Check Tires

Cold air causes your tires to lose pressure faster, so help them last longer and get better fuel mileage by keeping them properly inflated.

Change Wipers and Fluid

The spring months are famously rainy, so make sure to previous a streaky windshield by keeping your wipers up to date. Check your wiper fluid, too.

Inspect Battery

Winter is rough on the electrical system in your car. Prevent getting stranded with a dead battery by having the strength of your battery tested.

Change Oil

If you changed your oil near the beginning of winter or during fall, you’re probably due for another oil change. Check the manufacturer’s recommended intervals in your owner’s manual.

Wash Your Car

Get all the dirt and grime off your car by treating it to some good, ol’-fashioned spring cleaning.

Vail Buick GMC would be glad to help you with spring car maintenance, so make sure to call or swing by today.

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