summer bucket list - people laughing

Kicking back, relaxing, and soaking up some sun rays are just a few ways to spend the upcoming summer. Once all that rest and relaxation gets boring, it’s time to turn to your summer bucket list for something fun and exciting. It’s not too late to make a summer bucket list if you don’t have one. Here are some fun summer bucket list items recommended by us here at Vail Auto

Meet Someone

When we say meet someone, it doesn’t have to be romantic! Stop and talk to a stranger at a bus stop, in a restaurant, on the train, or anywhere you happen to be! Ask them about their day, life, family, or favorite activity. Everyone has a story, but only those brave enough to ask ever hear about it

Try Something New

While taking a vacation to the beach or amusement park might be something new, consider doing something out of your comfort zone. Try attending a local government meeting or taking part in a neighborhood yard sale. You could find a new hobby or interest


Take the time to decorate for the summer season. Make use of bright, festive colors and look for summer-themed décor. You could even go the extra mile and make summer dishes for meals!