Coordinate Family Halloween Costumes


Halloween can be a blast for the whole family, especially if you coordinate your costumes. We at Vail Buick GMC have put together a list of some of our favorite family Halloween costumes, from truly scary ensembles to cute and funny get-ups. Whether you have small kids or teens, this is one way to enjoy the fall.

According to Woman’s Day, one of the best family costumes is based on characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Considering the range of books, poems, and movies that have spawned from Carroll’s original children’s book, coordinating costumes will be unique yet still recognizable. One parent can be the White Rabbit, another can be Alice, and kids can play the Queen of Hearts or the Mad Hatter.

Who ya gonna call? A family of Ghostbusters! This costume is relatively simple if you can find tan coveralls, a roll of red tape, and a white onesie. Kids can play the ghost, while mom and dad can sport the classic Ghostbuster uniforms. For those who want to kick it up a notch, consider using and old vacuum cleaner tube to complete the look.

Finally, be a Pac-Man family. Parents can go as Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man, and kids can go as the iconic ghosts. This is great for up to six people, and all you need are large sheets of construction paper and scissors.

You’re bound to get recognized wearing an Alice in Wonderland, Ghostbusters, or Pac-Man family costume.