back-to-school driving safety | Vail Auto

The new binders have been purchased. The Dixon Ticonderogas have been sharpened. The summer reading assignments have been accomplished (maybe). It’s the start of the school year, and your little ones are probably excited to get back into the classroom and get back to learning (A.K.A seeing their friends).

Get them to and from school safe this year with these simple back-to-school driving safety tips:

  • When dropping off or picking up, do not double park. If you do, you reduce your visibility and that of other drivers, and you might not notice a youngin’ as they race out of the building.
  • Don’t drop kids off across the street from the school. A large number of accidents occur when children are crossing the street.
  • At red lights or stop signs, avoid blocking the crosswalk so all pedestrians can cross unhindered.
  • If there are school buses in your community, NEVER pass a stopped school bus from either direction.
  • Lots of children and teens commute to and from school on bicycles. Keep an eye out for cyclists in the morning and after school. Young cyclists tend to take greater risks on the road or ignore road directions altogether
  • When possible, carpool. It reduces the number of vehicles on the road nearby schools.
  • Sometimes, back-to-school driving safety means not driving at all! Try walking your kiddos to school if you live nearby.

If your back-to-school list has a new car on it, or if your current vehicle needs service, contact us at Vail Buick GMC. We’ll help you start school off on the right foot.