Transport food in your car with the help of Vail Buick GMC!


With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other festive gatherings in the next few months, you likely have a few parties on your calendar. Most holiday parties include food and if you are planning on taking any with you, here are a few tips on how to transport food in your car safely.

Hot Casseroles

No one wants to hold a hot casserole dish on their lap. The best way to travel with one is to gather a box or laundry basket, a rubber mat, and a pile of towels. Place a folded towel on the bottom of the box and put the casserole dish on top. Roll up the remaining towels and squeeze them in tightly around the dish. Finally, place the box on top of the rubber mat in your trunk or cargo area.

Slow Cookers

You do not want to risk your slow cooker becoming a projectile. Place it in the cargo area of your car and use bungee cords to strap it down to the tie-down anchors.


If you have a single pie without a fluted crust, simply flip over an empty pie pan and place it over your pie. Use foil to seal the edges together. For more than one pie, or one with a fluted edge, place the pies on a baking sheet and wrap them and the sheet in foil. Place the baking sheet on a rubber mat in your trunk.

If you aren’t sure that your car can make it to your destination with precious food cargo, contact us at Vail Buick GMC and have a look at our inventory.