While we pride ourselves on friendly and comprehensive service here at Vail Buick GMC, we understand that a visit to the mechanic’s isn’t high on your list of favorite activities. This is why we aim to empower you with the automotive knowledge they need to take good care of your vehicles, make informed decisions about regular maintenance, and address any possible problems before they snowball into major repairs.


Here are a few signs you may need vehicle maintenance:

Squeaky or Grinding Brakes

This could mean there is dirt, gunk, or debris lining your brake pads. It could be that a simple cleaning and tune-up is in order, or you may be in need of new brake pads. A grinding sound or sensation may mean that your brake pads or shoes are worn. In any case, if you hear any abnormal noise coming from your brakes while applying pressure, don’t delay in getting them checked out by a trained technician.

Leaky Liquids

Every notice a suspicious spot in your driveway after you’ve been parked there overnight? Pay attention to the these colors:

  • Black: Motor oil may be leaking.
  • Red: Transmission fluid may be leaking.
  • Yellow, Green, or Orange: Antifreeze or coolant may be leaking.
  • Clear: Brake fluid may be leaking.
  • Greasy Pink or Red: Power steering or transmission fluid may be leaking.

Sounds from under the Hood

Hear a pop? That might be a dirty air filter or bad spark wires. Hear something screeching? That could be a loose or worn belt in your motor. What about a horrible grinding sound when you shift? That just might be a worn-out clutch. As with your brake sounds, no noise is good noise; if you hear something under your hood, schedule an appointment with Vail Buick GMC right away.


If you ever have any questions about taking care of your vehicle, or you need some work done, contact us at Vail Buick GMC.