Australian Holden SUV- AcadiaWhile North America gets hyped over the sleek new sporty crossover appeal of the next-generation GMC Acadia, the Australian Holden SUV lineup is looking for a vehicle to fill the gap where a large SUV should be. Now that the GMC Acadia is on its way to US dealership lots by the end of 2016, however, Holden is turning its sights on the new crossover, which could be rebranded and sent to Australia under the name of ‘Holden Acadia.’

The most important aspect of the Acadia that makes this a viable possibility is the GMC Acadia’s platform. The C1XX platform is a crossover variant of GM’s E2XX platform, which can be easily modified and configured for right-hand driving. Holden intends not only to import what we know as the GMC Acadia, but also keep the ‘Acadia’ nameplate intact, making the crossover the Holden Acadia as a member of the Australian brand’s SUV family.

A number of vehicles that were originally exclusive to North America or Europe are now in the running to become Holden vehicles, says insider sources, though they neglected to name specifics. For the time being, the Australian Holden SUV family is gaining another member in the form of the Acadia.