Buick Avista ConceptThe Buick Avista concept car has been making a big splash in the automobile industry lately, particularly at many of the popular motor shows that have been going on in recent months. With an overall look many describe as futuristic with a luxurious and high-tech interior and sporty, upscale performance, the Buick Avista could very well eventually make it to the production line.

The Buick Avista made its initial debut at the Detroit show in January. With some of its interior and exterior parts 3D-printed in addition to some titanium and carbon fiber accents, the Avista is remarkably customizable and lightweight, with some high-tech appeal. Plus, the Avista’s sleek lines and innovative entertainment system with cutting-edge smartphone connectivity make it a marvel of modern technology.

All of the Avista’s good looks and interior goodies are coupled with the fact that if the Buick Avista concept ever made it to the production line, the mass-produced model would likely have an engine that cranks out upwards of 400 or 500 horsepower. Plus, with Buick trying to revamp its lineup to appeal to a younger crowd, a sporty car like the Avista might feel right at home among the brand’s other new offerings.