Five Signs that You Are Attached to Your Car

Five Signs that You Are Attached to Your Car

What kind of relationship should you have with your vehicle? At the very least, it seems reasonable to respect your vehicle. You paid for it, sure, but it works very hard to get you where you’re going. For others, it’s more than respect. It’s adoration. If you think this might be you, here are five signs you are attached to your car.

You wash your car once a every other month. Washing your vehicle helps ensure that the finish stays nice and that potentially increases its resale value. And it continues to make sure that you look cool behind the wheel of your slick looking car.

You are sad at the thought of having to sell it. A lot of people grow attached to their vehicle over its life and even get sad when they have to sell it. This is completely normal, and just means you found a great car for you!

You’re protective of your vehicle. You take care to make sure no food or drink is spilled in your car, and are very mindful of cleaning up any dirt.

You never drive it.  The more you drive it, the more miles it will have on it and the sooner you’ll have to get rid of it. While that’s true, you are missing out on all of the fun!

You talk to your car. There’s nothing wrong with giving your vehicle a little praise now and then!

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